CrossFit Quest – CrossFit


Coaches Choice (No Measure)

Increase HR and Stretch


Goals –

1. Focus on form for the first few sets and try to maintain good form as the weight increases.

2. This is not a max out day so if your form breaks down you need to back down on the weight.

3. This is not TnG – focus on form and weight – Not Time under tension.

Metcon (Weight)

E2MOM 20

2 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk
10 x 2+1

Work up in weight – focus on form for the first few sets before getting heavy.


Goals –

1. sub 20mins if possible – No Time Cap

2. Use the Sit-ups as your rest – push the pace on the WB & DU

3. If you break up the WB no more then 3 sets with 5-10 secs rest btw

Annie meets Karen (Time)

“Karen” meets “Annie”


WBS (20/14) – 10’/9’ Target

Double Unders

Ab Mat Situps
MOD 1 – SU x 2

MOD 2 – 1/2 Reps