Gridiron Gang

CrossFit Quest – CrossFit


**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**

10 min AMRAP

30-sec bike or row

10-sec sandbag hold or Front Rack Hold

5 Clean and Jerks (empty bar – build to working weight)

**2. Workout Prep**

– Partner up and practice transition/rotation on and off machines and holding while warming up to clean and jerk weight –


Time cap: 30 minutes

Target time: 20-22 minutes

Bike or Run/Handstand Hold: Teams will work off 125/100 cal bike or 1600/1200m Run while partner holds handstand. If athlete cannot perform a handstand hold, allow them to either hold 2 dumbbells overhead or hold a plank position while their partner is is on the bike.

Clean and Jerks: Athletes should select a weight that is around 60% of their 1rm and should be able to perform 3-5 reps unbroken when fresh. Strategy for workout can either be small sets of touch and go reps or fast singles back and forth. Make sure that athletes are standing up all the way and elbows are ending in front of the bar rep is counted.

Row or Run/Sandbag Front Hold: Teams will work off 125/100 cal row or 1600m/1200m Run while partner holds Barbell in a front hold. Modify this movement by lowering weight or Farmer Carry hold with heavy dumbbells.

Metcon (Time)

125/100 cal Bike (OR 1600/1200m Run)

*Partner Holds Handstand


50 Clean and Jerks (155/105) (split as needed)


125/100 cal Row (OR 1600m/1200m Run)

*Partner Barbell Front Rack Hold (155/105)
Scaling option 1


100/80 cal Bike (OR 1400/1000m Run)

(Partner Holds Handstand)


50 Clean and Jerks (135/95) (split as needed)


100/80 cal Row (OR 1400/1000m Run)

(Partner Barbell Front Rack Hold (95/65))

Scaling Option 2


75/50 cal Bike (OR 1000/800m Run)

(Partner Holds Dumbbells Farmer Carry Style)


50 Power Cleans (light) (split as needed)


75/50 cal Row (OR 1000/800m Run)

(Partner Front Holds Barbell Front Rack Hold (light))