Several Benefits of the Snatch

SnatchSeveral Benefits of a Snatch

By: Coach Trueman

I hear in the gym occasionally what is the purpose of a specific Olympic lift. Sometimes I find myself saying the same thing I am never going to use that move. It was not until I started to look to improve on my lifts and work on skills that I started to understand why certain lifts are important and how they translate to the building of my body. Today I will briefly discuss the benefits of the “Snatch” in hopes that individuals understand how it is beneficial to you.

1) Improved Weightlifting Performance

The Snatch is a total body movement that combines the lower part of the body (legs, glutes, etc.) in the pulling part of the movement along with the upper body (shoulders/arms) in the pressing part of the move.

2) Better Core/Improved Posture/Balance & Coordination

The Snatch requires you to maintain your center of balance in the catch of the weight. The move requires you to engage your abdominal muscles, obliques, spinal muscles, and glutes. The Snatch can help strengthen the posterior chain, attain an upright posture, straight back, shoulders retracted and tight core. The move requires the utilization of the mentioned muscles which in return can develop them to transition into a stronger core with improved posture based on practice of proper technique.

This also in return will help you learn to balance weight overhead utilizing the forementioned muscles. The Snatch has the additional benefit of making you aware of the sense of self movement and body position which helps reduce the chance of injury. The more you are aware of your body the more you will be able to move efficient with a safer lift. You will develop better coordination upon working on your Snatch. The move will help you move smoothly and efficiently due to the Snatch requiring you to be precise in execution of the lift.

3) Speed/Power

The Snatch is a powerful, fast movement, the move requires you to move weight at a quick pace. You must use your lower body to pull the weight to a specific point and quickly pull yourself under the weight pressing the weight overhead. The practice of the snatch will develop your speed and power; the ability to move weight quickly.

4) Better Looking Body

The Snatch requires you to expend speed and energy. Practicing the Snatch can help develop whole body muscle growth. It can help to increase lean muscle and decrease fat mass. Long term practice can also increase bone density. The Snatch may help with your range of motion due to the nature of the lift requiring every part of the body.

Therefore, I always stress in class the importance of proper technique to develop strength, stronger core, and develop the ability to move heavy weight quickly.