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Stay Hydrated

By Coach Thurman

Consuming water (H2O) each day is important for a variety of reasons, its helps control body temperature, keeps your joints lubricated, helps prevent infections, delivers nutrients to your cells, keeps your organs working, and removes waste from your body. I can’t tell you how much water to drink due to every person’s body being different. Each person requires different amounts of water. As for me, I consume approximately a gallon of water a day but for someone else that maybe entirely too much. You can obtain water from other sources other straight up H2O. I would recommend to stay away from drinks high in sugar and/or caffeine. Stick with water first, sport drinks with carbs and electrolytes so your body can absorb water. (more…)

Importance of a Rest Day

Importance of a Rest Day

By Coach Trueman

I have noticed individuals in the gym who work out on a constant basis whom I have never seen take a day off from working out. I wanted to express the importance of taking a rest day and what happens during your rest.

Below are potential benefits of a rest day: (more…)

Aerobic vs Anaerobic

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic

By Coach Thurman aka Trueman

I always wondered the difference of aerobic and anaerobic exercise what was the benefit and what do they train. I will discuss an overview of what is aerobic and anaerobic training. (more…)

Several Benefits of the Snatch

SnatchSeveral Benefits of a Snatch

By: Coach Trueman

I hear in the gym occasionally what is the purpose of a specific Olympic lift. Sometimes I find myself saying the same thing I am never going to use that move. It was not until I started to look to improve on my lifts and work on skills that I started to understand why certain lifts are important and how they translate to the building of my body. Today I will briefly discuss the benefits of the “Snatch” in hopes that individuals understand how it is beneficial to you. (more…)